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On April 12, the Kangnam Police Station in Seoul released a statement saying that Jang, who had initially denied all charges levied against him, had admitted to a portion of them being true though exactly which charges he admitted to was unspecified ; three days later, another statement was released confirming the worst: Since the end of , Jang has sexually harassed six female trainees over ten times. During this time, he also forced male idol group members from his own agency to sexually harass these trainees as well. Police also report that they have collected testimony from several of the victims that corroborates these allegations, including testimony that Jang had used his power and influence in order to coerce sexual abuse and compliance. The number of victims is now reported to have been at least ten young women, and police now suspect that this abuse has been taking place since What began as a horrific story has only gotten worse, as each day seems to bring not only more evidence of gross sexual crime committed against female trainees at least some of whom are underage , but also evidence confirming the involvement and even supposed willing participation of others. As of today, two idol group members were arrested on suspicion of involvement in sexual harassment though whether or not they were willing participants or simply ordered to do so by Jang is as of yet unconfirmed , and police have issued an arrest warrant for a male singer in his 30s who, though not signed with Open World Entertainment, has connections to the agency and is reported to have willingly taken part in the sexual abuse. His name, along with the names of the arrested idols, have yet to be released; however, police did confirm that the idols in question are not members of male idol group The Boss, which was due to release a new album this month. The album release has since been indefinitely postponed. In a case like this, it is incredibly difficult both to put together the pieces and to stop oneself from pointing fingers.

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Luhan and Xiumin will play soccer in the dorms. Suho really listens to D. Luhan learns Wushu with Tao, and twisted his waist. The ramen that Baekhyun cooked made Chanyeol laugh for a very long time. How unpleasant was the taste? Not so sure about this one 8.

seventeen kpop dating rumors. Day6 members profile day6 facts and ideal types day6 currently consists of 5 members sungjin, jae, young k, wonpil, and band debuted on september 7, , under jyp seventeen kpop dating rumors imperialism crushed all alike, the people, no longer able to send their best men to the.

I don’t have anything else to say because they match well. Idols, especially EXO, is the most popular group right now. I don’t understand why the members laughed at Kai when Krystal was saying her award speech. Dating isn’t a bad thing but they shouldn’t be showing it like that. The fans shielded them and said it was false, but it turned out to be true. Fans already know that he’s been going in and out of a studio with the girl. I won’t shield them anymore.

Dispatch backfired with the kiss picture and the news blew up. Kai broke his leg while skiing and he had to perform seated with Xiumin at year-end performance. Fans had asked reasons for Kai’s leg injury, but they did not give any feedback, making fans upset.

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Seventeen dating rumors here’s the real truth behind a rumor of seventeen’s seventeen kpop rumors read seventeen members an idol couple who are caught seventeen dating rumors to be dating by might have crept out of life.

I admit it, I believed these rumors without checking facts too when I first heard them. But now, let’s go into it – are these rumors fake or TRUE!? Here’s the original post that set everyone off. Kim Jennie is an early 96er and I’m a 95er so we were in the same grade in New Zealand. Kim Jennie came to New Zealand to study abroad in elementary school and attended the ACG Parnell College until six months into her third year of junior high school before she returned to Korea to attend a junior high school in Chungdam.

She was then cast by YG.

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Recently, rumors of the said Kpop idol gifting Winner’s Seunghoon with a luxury car sparked mixed reactions from avid fans. The veteran Kpop star and fashionista is known to be a very supportive senior to younger singers. News of Big Bang’s alleged pricey gift to Winner’s Seunghoon became viral after the latter posted a picture of the former’s luxury car on social media.

Aug 30,  · A video by Seventeen’s Dino is going viral among Carats. According to netizens, this person named Min Kyung lost her phone and someone who found the .

Reasons why he would be angry: Like what if the company forbids you two from seeing each other? Why did you come to the fanmeet today? What if one of the fans figured out we were dating? You know we have to keep this a secret. Meaning he would go from smiling to serious in less then a second. I feel like he would be happy to see you and sort of give you extra attention because I mean he is your sweet boyfriend after all.

The members are going to have to remind him to chill with the special attention for you and to distribute the attention evenly to all the fans. So after the fanmeet is over he would probably ignore you for a day or two. Oh gosh you would scare the heck out of this small monkey. Jaaagiya, you made me so nervous today at the fanmeet! If your going to come to a fanmeet please tell me ahead of time! The one thing that bothers him the most is that you spent money to actually see him, like you can see him whenever for free and with just one phone call!

What did I say about being smart with your money jagi?

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They have been spotted spending time together in several instances, which led many fans to speculate that the two have been seeing each other. However, her agency, Salt Entertainment, was quick to address the rumors. In a statement , a representative from Park Shin Hye’s agency said, “As graduates of Chung-Ang University, the two have continued to have a close friendship.

Admit it, you do it too! Just imagine if GFriend’s YuJu and SEVENTEEN’s DK were an actual K-Pop couple.. Fans love pairing their biases together, and whether it be same groups, same gender, or opposites all together, it’s a lot of fun.

Oh my god do you need to find better things to do. Theres a fine line between having fun and shipping etc and pretending to be someone while causing problematic rumours and actually getting into some illegal business. See, I was going to let it go but all of the things you are saying to each other are just plain cruel. Please have some respect for one another and stop telling people to kill themselves. And no we are not dating. To be honest that should not be anyones concern just in general.

I have at least cleared the majority of this issue by finally giving you some sort of answer and i am letting this go as a warning before taking any action.

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You can end it how you want to, I just see an opportunity for jealous and protective scoups and seventeen, ah so cute!!! Angst with a happy ending: We were sitting in the green room of a music show that we were all doing performances on. BTS was currently being interviewed.

SEVENTEEN’s agency has opened up about a rumor that has been spreading throughout the Internet. The rumor began when a photo that was taken at a fan signing event for an idol group was posted on.

Jeon Wonwoo Wonwoo does not have a girlfriend yet. When being interviewed for a magazine, he told that he often imagines a girl who is reading sitting beside the window with the sunshine still shining on her. This is his ideal girl with whom he will fall in love with. Yoon Jeonghan Yoon is a talented person; he is known for taking 3rd place in his high school. But due to his huge fan circle and female teammates, he openly interacts with girls.

He said that he is attracted to girls older than him who have long hair. According to him, there is no harm in having a girlfriend if the relationship of love and respect for each other is maintained. Lee Jihoon Lee Jihoon is a shy person who feels more comfortable in the company of boys than girls. Therefore, there is no link of Lee and any potential girlfriends.

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And although it’s quite normal to see two artists from the same company be close to each other, fans recently discussed rumors that After School‘s Raina and SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi are currently dating. According to fans, Raina allegedly “liked” three posts about SEVENTEEN on Twitter.

I dont understand the click and drag games. Do they not work on mobile? Click and drag games work better on laptops as you can actually click and drag the gifs. My recommendation for mobile is taking screenshots! You can screenshot the gifs individually or try getting one shot of all of them together if your screen is big enough. Would seventeen date a Muslim girl? But I was just wondering- When it comes to dating a foreigner or someone of a person of a different race and ethnicity with a different culture, I always say the same thing.

You can find those posts here. My answer would be yes though. As an entire group of individuals, and not the group as a whole, there would definitely be members who would be fine dating a Muslim girl. Who in Seventeen would get along with a girl who’s kinda cold-hearted but is actually a softie once she warms up to them? And apparently starting uni means that I have a lot more time. It just feels so good not feeling like the crazy lone seoksoo shipper anymore i mean of course i have my fair share too guys, woozi still wants soma that seokji.

Could you do a gif reaction of how Vernon, Mingyu, Hoshi, Scoups and Joshua would react to you having dimples that show all the time?

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