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Originally posted by superiorkayaking View Post Thank you Timgco! Earlier I saw your pics of your 3. Do you have 35″ tires? Could you share the height of your rig from the ground to the rack’s highest point? I have only 82″ garage clearance but am going with the 2. I saw your Yakima on top, too. Do you use the upper isolators on yours for any ‘flex’ issues? I have since sold that JK, so I do not have the measurements available. That was the 3. My garge height is close to yours.

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Yakima Holdup Product Shootout: Both the Thule T2 and Yakima Holdup racks are designed to carry two bikes in an upright position. The racks easily install into a standard 2-inch hitch receiver and are secured by a single bolt that is designed to eliminate any movement between the rack and receiver. Both racks come supplied with locking mechanisms. The Thule T2 includes a hitch-receiver lock and individual cable locks that are integrated into the ratchet arms to secure the bikes.

The Yakima has a single cable for both bikes that doubles as the hitch lock by attaching to the hitch bolt.

The Yakima Holdup 2 Plus add-on comes with a spring loaded warning flag and two battery-operated warning blinkers. Aesthetics: It’s subjective, but I think the Kuat looks nicer/sharper than the Yakima, but the Yakima doesn’t look bad, just plain/5().

Yakima has a few new bike racks for on top of the car in including the Yakima Highroad and Highspeed bike racks. These top of the car bike racks are compatible with both mountain and road bikes. There are trade offs between each rack between ease of use, locking options and the use with fat bikes. I had the opportunity to test both bike racks out side-by-side on my Subaru Impreza Hatchback.

I used them for both in town travel along with longer weekend trips, with a travel time of up to 6 hours each way. Both racks were tested out at speeds up to 85mph on the highway and standard in town speeds of mph. I primarily used these racks for mountain bikes with tire sizes of Tire widths between 23mm and 3. Setup of the Highroad The setup of this bike rack was pretty easy.

Yakima DoubleDown 4 Bike Rack Review

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Fast, secure, and easy to use, the HoldUp EVO is built to handle new bike standards, like fat tires and boost hubs, but it easily carries the classics too. The StrongArm hook secures the bikes at their wheels, protecting carbon frames and painted surface.

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Thule or Yakima cargo boxes?

November 11, But on Friday night, Strasser was one of three Richland players to return an interception for a touchdown, as he helped the Bombers roll the visiting West Valley Yakima Rams at Edgar Brown Memorial Stadium in a first-round Class 4A state playoff game. I hope I did that, and did the right things. Never miss a local story.

This handy add-on doubles your HoldUp 2 bike hitch carrier’s capacity from 2 to 4 bikes – perfect for quadruplets on a family outing.

Bike Racks I Have Known: I was cleaning out my storage unit and came upon one of those strap-on kinds in good shape. It went to Reader in the Wild Mathilde. It was better than taking the front wheel off her bike and wrestling it into her car when she needed to transport it. They come loose and drop your bike on the ground. Foodie Jan Norris and I decided to ride the northeast side of Lake Okeechobee before the dike was paved.

After about 10 miles, I looked in the passenger side rearview mirror. I could only wonder how many cane trucks had already ground it to dust. I was already planning in my mind what the replacement would be. Major Digression Alert See bottom of the post for an old memory that just popped into my head. Now, back to our normally scheduled program After we had gone several miles, I told her to pull off on the shoulder.

I walked around behind the car to see that my bike had slipped off the rack — which put it below the line of sight — but the bungee cord had sort of held it on. Every so often it would bounce off the pavement, resulting in a tacoed wheel and a sanded-down pedal. When we stopped to make the turn into his housing development, my bike fell off his strap-on rack.

Swing Away Vs. Fold Down – Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

Scott Genius versus Jun 3, You don’t have to be a genius to make the right decision Ten years ago, Scott unveiled the Genius, its first “Do-it-All” super-lightweight carbon trail bike. Times have changed, and trails have changed, and Scott’s genius line of bikes… Mountain Bike Action Shootout Special Edition Feb 8, Shootouts have always been a popular feature in Mountain Bike Action because everyone likes a good race.

And believe us, many of our shootouts are super-tight races. We have gather our bike, product and apparel shootouts from the last… 26er Versus 29er: The opportunity to do such a shootout presented itself when Cannondale Bicycles graciously supplied us with two mid-priced aluminum hardtails… Shootout:

holdup November 10, At Yakima, we believe the outdoors is more fun when shared. Shared with friends. And with family. Shared with goofballs, wingmen, dreamers, crushes and jokers. The more the merrier. Because the outdoors is not just about the adventure, it’s about the stories told, the inside jokes and the shared memories.

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Oct 28,  · is the world’s largest cycling tech blog. Our passion is the products, technology and people that make them. We cover the shiny new things, with in-depth interviews and detailed stories about how the bicycles and components work, plus reviews to .

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Aug 31,  · The Yakima Holdup is a functional, relatively affordable hitch mount rack, packing many of the same features as other hitch mount racks in our test. It stands apart from other hitch mount racks with a compact design, due to the trays being hinged on the clamp end.3/5.

Else I never leave the rack on the car, as it would almost be a paradox to buy a Prius and voluntarily raise my fuel consumption by leaving a rack on the roof! Part of it was due to higher speed that what I usually do. Some pictures of the new Thule Rack – used 50″ square bars, since I prefer the all-black look as opposed to the silver-colored aluminum aero-bars: Below is the Thule Prologue bike rack. Its the cheapest that Thule sells. Since I normally won’t be driving long distances with it, I decided to get the base model.

Even so, the bike racks held up fine during the mile roundtrip. Unfortunately Thule is vague about how hard to tighten the bike rack onto the crossbars – I even sent them an email and they basically said “hand tighten them until it you can’t tighten it further”, which is too general for me. If there is any complaint about the Prologue rack, it is that the way it is tightened onto the crossbar, it can occasionally allow for slight lateral movement, so a few times when going slow speeds on bumps, I can hear a small “thunk” sound when the bike’s lateral movement is causing the base of the headpiece pictured below to sway laterally a bit.

Its not a big deal in my opinion though, just wish Thule was explicit on how much to tighten the hex bolts. When driving over 45mph, the issue actually happens much less. I setup the roof rack exactly as specified in the installation guide according to the measurements they gave in feet, not metric. My guess is that if Thule specified them to be exactly parallel, the bars would probably be too close together.

Yakima HoldUp Bike Rack Review

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