Al-Ain Oasis, UAE

The same light breeze in the winter can make the evening temperatures of C feel almost sub-zero! The 12km road up to the top is 3-lane and rises through 60 turns, some hairpin, with plenty of viewpoints on the way up to stop and look at the wonderful vista below. The road can be driven by 2WD cars and is very popular with cyclists and also supercar owners. At the top you will find a car parking area with a local restaurant, play areas for kids and benches to sit and relax as you watch the sunset; slightly further down the hill you will find the Mercure Hotel which is a great place to spend a day during the summer. Marine fossils found on Jebel Hafeet date back 70 million years; there are caves inside the mountain which currently are not accessible to the public. At the foot of the mountain, on the Eastern Bawadi Mall side, there are a series of beehive tombs, dating back some years. Extensively excavated, bronze and soapstone objects were found and some of these can be seen in the Al Ain National Museum in the town centre.

Hili Archaeological Park

On our way, we stop by the gas station to load up on fuel long drive ulit about km from Dubai to Al Ain. Oh man, they really have beautiful and expensive bikes! We reached Al Ain by 12 noon and we didn’t know where to go first. The good thing was that I researched the day before and familiarized myself with the names of the places we want to see. As I have said we have been to Al Ain many times however still we let the road signs guide us to our destinations.

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Uwe is a hugely experienced revenue leader with extensive knowledge and 15 years of professional experience in the field of Revenue Management. Uwe has a blog where he shares with all the revenue professionals and absolute beginners. The hotel is close to commercial and business district and only minutes away from major tourist attractions. Since its opening in , the Al Ain Rotana Hotel has been popular with business travelers and holidaymakers, especially families who enjoy the cooler climes, verdant landscape and peaceful environment of the city.

Zen the spa at Rotana, which is currently the only five-star spa in Al Ain, featuring eight individual treatment rooms, a couple suite, Hammam, separate relaxation rooms for ladies and gents, two saunas, two steam rooms and a plunge pool. Business Centre, meeting rooms, gift shops and a cinema is available too just few steps away. Al Ain Rotana is popular with both business travelers as well as holidaymakers, especially families who enjoy the cooler climes, verdant landscape and peaceful environment of the city.

Its attractions include historical museums, several restored forts, the Hili archaeological site dating back to the Bronze Age, the Al Ain Oasis, a zoo , an amusement park and a heritage village. For further information about this press release, please contact:

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Al Ain is still somewhat ‘undiscovered’ by expatriate workers: However, this should not discourage expat workers moving to this part of the UAE, as not only is Al Ain bound to grow in popularity, but it also possesses its own considerable charms. Featuring a far slower pace of life than Abu Dhabi city or Dubai , Al Ain also retains a far more palpable ‘local flavour’ to it — perfect for expats who seek a new cultural experience as much as a large pay cheque from their time abroad.

Furthermore, Al Ain is perfectly situated for travel within the UAE and to its neighbouring countries; it is located on the Omani border, and is only 82 miles km from both Abu Dhabi city and Dubai.

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A tour through the many attractions of Al Ain will give you a taste of the traditional Arabian lifestyle with its rich culture and heritage mixed with modern attractions and amenities. Modern shopping centers, ancient ruins and impressive mosques ruins stand side-by-side in this colorful city that is characterized by its many beautifully cultivated roundabouts and 10 hectares of green land.

Home of the U. University and known as “The Garden City of the Gulf”, it is surrounded by magnificent red sand dunes and overlooked by the impressive Hijar Mountains that divide the country from Oman. In Arabic, the words Al Ain mean “spring” and were taken as the city’s name due to the abundant ground water springs in the area that have resulted in a lush green oasis city that is a must see for any visitor to the UAE.

Archaeological discoveries date settlements in Al Ain to around BC. A visit to the Al Ain Museum with its many and varied displays will provide a fascinating insight to the history of the city and region. The Tomb has yielded a wealth of most remarkable findings about the culture of Hili Area inhabitants, comparable to those discovered in the Mesopotamia and Sind regions. The park also contains children’s playgrounds, picnic areas and a coffee shop. A 13 kilometre long road winds its way to the summit where temperatures are significantly lower.

On a clear day, there are magnificent views of the city and its surroundings.

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The largest collection in the UAE of tombs and buildings from this period is located at Hili. A number of these Bronze Age structures are located within the Hili Archaeological Park and are open to the public. More than 4, years old, the structure is 12 metres in diameter and must originally have stood at least 4 metres tall. Restored in the mid s, the building was left unroofed. However, it would have been roofed in antiquity.

Next to the Grand Tomb is Hili Site 1, once a tower built from mud brick that would have stood several metres high.

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Saturday, November 15th, Post by Kim Finding joy in teaching can often be challenging. As teachers back in Baltimore, Adam and I struggled to find joy in what we did. Also, from talking with other teachers in the UAE, the consensus is that teaching in private and public schools in the UAE is really tough for various reasons, including but not limited to language barriers and — to put it nicely — behavior and academic challenges with the students.

Nevertheless, Adam and I consider ourselves to be very happy in the teaching profession for reasons that I will later discuss in this post. I am a homeschool teacher for two vibrant girls who are full of curiosity about the world. Even though, my patience has been tested with them at times as with all children , I must say that I have it quite easy, and teaching them is a pleasure.

A great part of the joy comes from their growth in the few months that I have been working with them. The other day in health class, I began talking to the girls about how smoking tobacco negatively affects your respiratory system, then one of them said: Not only was I thrilled because she remembered what we had talked about last week something that seldom happened in Baltimore , but she made a connection completely independently another thing that I would seldom see in Baltimore.

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Tag: AE – Cultural Sites of Al Ain (Hafit Hili Bidaa Bint Saud and Oases Areas)

The cool, shady walkways transport you from the heat and noise of the city to a tranquil haven; all you’ll hear is birdsong and the rustle of the palm fronds. Employing a 3, year-old falaj irrigation system, Al-Ain Oasis features a series of mesmerizing water channels that give life to the palm plantations in this inner-city paradise. Spread over 1, hectares nearly 3, acres and containing more than , date palms of up to different varieties, choose one of eight separate entrances to explore how countless generations have tapped into underground wells to keep the beautiful city green.

Al-Ain Oasis, UAE The date palm oasis is one of a growing number of ecosystems that have been formally recognized by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization FAO for their importance as repositories of genetic resources, biodiversity and cultural heritage. Divided into three main sections – archaeology, ethnography and gifts – its presentations illustrate various aspects of UAE life and include an interesting collections of Bedouin jewelry, musical instruments, weapons, and a reconstruction of a traditional majlis setting place.

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Visit April 3. It actually lies closer to Dubai than to its own capital, Abu Dhabi. I had somewhat underestimated these distances during my trip planning, and also wanted to see the recently opened Louvre museum and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The oasis and national museum comprise only 1 out of the 17 inscribed Cultural Sites of Al Ain.

The oasis is easy to see near the bus station, and the national museum is signposted. I started at the museum, which charges a 3 dirham entry fee. I guess these public museums are heavily subsidized by the government. I never encountered many visitors, often I was the only one.

Explorer Level Novice – A Day Trip to Al Ain, UAE

The fourth largest city in the UAE. Al Ain is known as the Garden City due to it greenery nature and it oasis. That being the examples of construction, agricultural use and water management in the desert since protohistory.

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Al Ain SME Exhibition 2018

One is a Catholic church built in the second half of the 19th century on the remnants of earlier Byzantine and Crusader churches. Inside are the remains of an ancient mosaic floor and a cave where, according to Christian tradition, John the Baptist was born. Additionally some remnants below the infrastructure of the building suggests the presence of a mikve that is dated to the Second Temple Period. The church is mentioned in the Book of the Demonstration, attributed to Eutychius of Alexandria

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How to make friends in Al Ain

Al-Hayl Castle was once used as the headquarters for Fujairah’s ruling family. Built approximately years ago, it has played an important role in the area’s defense, used as a base for surveillance and patrolling to guard Fujairah from attack. Not much remains today – the original fortifications have long since been demolished – except one two-level tower, which sits on the hill as a reminder of the days when these forts were scattered all across strategic hillsides in what is now the United Arab Emirates.

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In contrast to the modern development of cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Al Ain has managed to preserve major aspects of traditional desert living. At only 75 miles south of Dubai, Al Ain has become a popular tourist attraction, with visitors escaping from coastal humidity and enjoying the relatively clearer air in this part of the country. Al Ain is one of the oldest continually populated areas in the entire world, with discoveries of human living dating back to BC.

Al Ain Oases houses an ancient water system called a falaj, which transports water from boreholes or an aquifer under a hill to a convenient place in which plants can be watered and for humans to drink. The falaj system still continues to this day in Al Ain Oases and supplies the date palm groves with the water they need to survive and produce dates. This system is ideal in an unforgivably arid environment such as Al Ain. The oases has been very well preserved with many traditional houses, buildings, restaurants, and mosques throughout, there is a focus on maintaining aspects of traditional Bedouin culture within this site.

This site is hard to miss as the rock formation towers 40 meters high, meters long and 25 meters wide. This site has unearthed many Iron Age relics, including double-edged swords that can be as long as 40 centimeters 1.

Things to Do in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates – Al Ain Attractions

A tranquil respite from the hot sun, and a refreshingly natural diversion from the city streets, Al Ain Oasis is a vast series of date palm plantations linked by footpaths, where you can take a quiet, shaded walk. There’s history here amid the nearly , date palm trees, too. The palm groves are still fed by water channels using the traditional falaj irrigation system, which has been in use in the United Arab Emirates for 3, years.

This is a great option for anyone seeking some downtime and a leisurely stroll. Although many casual visitors will struggle to comprehend the site, archaeology-fiends will enjoy the vast sense of history here.

The Al Ain National Museum, housed in the Sultan Bin Zayed Fort, does a good job of bringing the heritage, culture, and history of the United Arab Emirates is a particularly interesting ethnographic section reflecting the daily life of the region’s people, with a reconstructed traditional majlis and exhibits of traditional garments and Bedouin jewelry.

Day 03 Breakfast at camp fresh up and drive to Hatta Fort an other adventurous day Overnight at hotel. Day 04 Drive to Alain as you drive towards Al Ain, the oasis of the Emirates, enjoy the golden sand dunes rolling away into the horizon. Upon arrival visit Al Jahily fort, and the interesting Al Ain museum, followed by a visit to the lively camel market. Will take you to the neighboring oldest city of Al Buraimi, Sultanate of Oman.

On our return journey your last stop will be at the famous Hafeet Mountain. Evening return to Dubai overnight at hotel. Day 05 Full day East coast tour overnight at hotel.

Al Ain UAE Travel VLOG

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